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Springfield Wellness Centre is the brain child of Dr Maran M, a leading Gastro Surgeon who specializes in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries in gastro-intestinal tracts and Bariatric Surgery (commonly called Obesity Surgery) has a prodigious passion for it.

Every research, points to the fact that an ailing patient recovers faster if comforted well and gets a morale boost that increases self-confidence. That precisely is Dr Maran’s philosophy. A philosophy to spend quality time with patients, assuring them that at Springfield Wellness Centre there is one factor that is given utmost importance, and that is “CARE”.

Bariatric Surgery

As an experienced bariatric surgeon, Dr Maran M observes and recognizes the growing trend of obesity. He emphasizes the need to evaluate if a patient suffering from severe obese conditions need to undergo bariatric surgery.  He recommends bariatric surgery should the evaluation of the severely obese points to the need. He regularly performs bariatric surgeries in  Chennai and is quite experienced.

Gastro Surgery

Dr Maran also displays adroitness in other Gastro Surgeries like Hernia Surgery, Gallbladder Removal Surgery, Appendix Removal Surgery, and Piles Surgery.

Treatment of Gastro-Intestinal Region

Being a gastro surgeon, Dr Maran M shows finesse in treating ailments that afflict the Gastro-Intestinal region of the human body like Pancreatitis, Ulcer Cancer of stomach, intestine and other organs in the gastro region, and Piles (commonly called Hemorrhoids Treatment).

Dr. Maran has many firsts to his credit;
  • A pioneer in the field of Bariatric procedure in Chennai.
  • First in the Asia-Pacific to perform Bariatric procedure on a patient with a very high BMI
  • First in the Asia-Pacific to perform a Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery for Partial Gastrectomy (removal of stomach) along with a Hysterectomy (removal of uterus) and right Adrenalectomy (removal of adrenal glands in case a tumor in the adrenal glands) through a transperitoneal (passing through the peritoneal region) approach.

At Springfield Wellness Centre, we diligently recognize the value of every individual. We are constantly guided by our qualified criterion of providing an overall wellness to the patients and peace of mind to the next of kin over and above the traditional cure – Our Mission Statement