Prevention of Ulcer

Prevention of Ulcer

By now we all know what causes Peptic ulcer. Let me recap for you the factors that contribute to peptic ulcer. They are,

  • Genetic – A definitive family history of having Ulcer
  • Excessive alcohol (drinking) and Smoking
  • Use of drugs not prescribed by doctors – Improper dose of antibiotics, painkillers, steroids and blood thinners (aspirin)
  • Infection of Helicobacterium Pylori is also supposed to cause Ulcers.
  • Prolonged illness can also cause stomach ulcer. This is called Stress Stomach Ulcer.
  • Overage – Risk of Ulcer increases with age. Generally it is said that people over 50 have more risk of Peptic Ulcer.

Against each factor let us discuss how to prevent.

  • Genetic factor is something where no one has any control. On a funny note, genetic factors can be overcome if you get married to someone from a distant culture.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking can obviously be stopped for good. As a matter of fact, if you are unable to stop, there are counseling sessions available that can help you stop. We did see that when you are in ulcer medication, smoking and drinking alcohol would not allow the ulcer to heal. So why drink and smoke. Not worth – Just quit much before you get ulcer. That can be by far the best of prevention method.
  • Do not take any painkillers or for that matter any drugs without prescription from a physician.
  • Infections from H. pylori can be contained by hygienic practices like washing your hands with soap regularly and adopting best sanitation practices.
  • Stress Stomach Ulcer due to prolonged illness can be prevented by anticipating it by the physician who then prescribes necessary medications for that.

Though risk of ulcer increases with age, the preventive measures discussed above can indeed play a vital role in maintaining the body in not getting peptic ulcer.

Dr Maran is an experienced Surgeon in the field of Gastro-enterology. He specializes in Advanced laparoscopic Surgery procedures of the gastro-intestinal (GI) tracts. Dr. Maran is also a leading Bariatric Surgeon in Chennai and has a penchant for addressing problems concerning Obesity.

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Dr Maran is a qualified Surgeon in the field of Gastro-enterology. He is a leading Bariatric Surgeon who also specializes in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery procedures of the gastro-intestinal tracts. He has penchant for addressing problems concerning Obesity