Patient Testimonials Dr Maran M

Dr Maran M, Springfield Wellness Centre.

Patient Testimonials of Dr Maran M

Many patients have indeed given positive testimonials for Dr Maran M. We thought we would collate few patient testimonials of Dr. Maran and present it to you. We do not love to boast yet we thought we will present you few that are appropriate.

….I am an acid attack victim and you would remember the trauma I went through in the year 2013. The vomiting of blood gave an impression that I had cancer in my stomach. While every other hospitals regarded that I had tumour in my stomach you were very convinced that it was not a tumour. You were the only Surgeon who gave me hope and said I would be fine. Like you said, your prescription drugs alone had cured me of my blood vomiting. Dr. Maran is a father figure to me and the hope he gives played a very positive role in my recovery. Thanks to Dr. Maran for making my life meaningful again.

……My entire experience from the time I walked into Dr. Maran, the gastro surgeon’s office, is beyond positive. An awesome clinic with lovely trees and flowers –
is so refreshing.
And the doctor, of course, is with an advanced medical perspective, approach and diagnosis is an outstanding, compassionate and caring person.
Thanks to his expert treatment, I have come out of my ailment relieved and happy and healthy. Thank you, doctor, and may God bless you.

– Ms. Jayanthi Sridhar

……Truthful to the patients and profession. Very clear in diagnosis and treatment. Very humble and highly capable.

– Mr. Subramanian M

….Dr. Maran is more like a family doctor, the way he explains the medical issues is exemplary. Gives us the true facts and makes us highly comfortable. Thank you, Doc. Wish you great success in all that you do.

– Mr. Parvin Ganesh

At Springfield Wellness Centre, we diligently recognize the value of every individual. We are constantly guided by our qualified criterion of providing an overall wellness to the patients and peace of mind to the next of kin over and above the traditional cure – Our Mission Statement