Obesity and its treatments

Simply put, obesity means having a lot of body fat or in other words, the body accumulating and as a result storing a lot of fat.

BMI and Obesity

Obesity is defined in terms of the value of the BMI. If the value of the BMI is more than 30, the individual is said to be obese. However in countries like India, where the mean height of the population is shorter than the westerners, generally if the BMI is beyond 28, the condition can be called obese.

Why Obesity is such a talked problem now?

Obesity causes a lot of health problems. In a nutshell many diseases arise as a result of being obese. Since the general health takes a toll due to obesity, it leads to marked productivity loss for the economy on one hand for the country and the quality of life is substantially reduced for the obese individual. American Health Standard has gone to the extent of declaring obesity to be a disease.

What are health related issues than can prop as a result of being obese?

The answer is many. Here are few,

(a) Coronary heart diseases
(b) High blood pressure or hypertension
(c) Diabetes mellitus
(d) Menstrual disorders in women
(e) Fertility issues in both men and women
(f) Stroke in some cases
(g) Migraines
(h) Dementia
(i) Sleep apnea
(j) Depression and social stigmatization
(k) Osteoarthritis
(l) Chronic back pain

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