Co-Morbidity is a very generic term. Any primary disease or disorder sometimes has additional diseases or disorders that occur alongside. Such additional diseases or disorders are termed as Co-morbid conditions or simply Co-morbidity.

Obesity and Its Co-Morbid Conditions

The primary risk any morbidly obese person runs is he/she develops type 2 diabetes mellitus. Other equally significant and worrisome Co-morbid conditions that a morbidly obese person acquires in time are

(a) Type-2 Diabetes
(b) Hypertension or High Blood Pressure
(c) Cardiovascular diseases
(d) Stroke
(e) Sleep Apnea
(f) Osteoarthritis
(g) Gall bladder diseases
(h) GERD
(i) Hypercholesterolemia

Certain other psychological conditions also proceed as a result and they are

(a) Discrimination by peers that lead to Social Stigmatization
(b) Depression
(c) Very low morale
(d) Obvious low quality of life

Dr Maran M has written many blog articles on obesity, the co-morbid conditions it leads to and the solutions. The blog articles on obesity and co-morbid conditions can be found here.

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