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We are in our pursuit to provide our patients with the best of treatment and care for ailments related to the Gastro-Intestine. Springfield Wellness Centre is one of the leading centres that does Bariatric Surgery in Chennai. We specialize in Bariatric Surgeries for highly Obese and other Laparoscopic gastro surgery in the gastro-intestinal region like Hernia, Appendix, Ulcer, Gall Bladder Stone, Liver Problems, Piles etc.



Wondering what Co-Morbidities is? Call it the effect of Obesity! The diseases that can contract because of being severely obese is termed as Co-Morbidities. Know More

When Surgery?

Should the obesity be so severe that the BMI is above 40 or hovering around 35 with very noticeable Co-Morbidities, then it is time to consult a Bariatric surgeon.

BMI? What is that?

BMI is short for Body Mass Index. It is a value derived when the body weight is divided by the square of the body height. Learn More on BMI

Treatments & Care at Springfield Wellness Centre

At Springfield Wellness Centre, care is the buzzword and that is what Dr. M. Maran, the lead GastroSurgeon, is obsessed about. Springfield Wellness Centre is perfectly aligned and is synonymous with giving patients their much needed wellness, something beyond treating the ailments and providing cure. Dr. Maran M performs all Gastro related surgeries like Hernia, Gallbladder Removal, Appendix Removal, and Bariatric Surgery in Chennai

Springfield Wellness Centre provides the best Metabolic surgeries with laproscopy in Chennai at affordable prices.

Advanced Laparoscopy

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Springfield Wellness Centre offers Bariatric surgery in Chennai at affordable prices and offers best care.

Bariatric Surgery & Care

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Springfield Wellness Centre is the go to place for Gastro surgery and Care in Chennai

Surgical Gastro Care

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Bariatric Surgery Types

Essentially all Bariatric Surgeries fall into either of the two categories, namely, “Restrictive” or “Restrictive with Malabsorption”. But there are a variety of bariatric surgery types performed under these 2 broad categories. Evidently the bariatric surgeon studies the individual medical history and the ailments before arriving at which type of bariatric surgery to perform on an obese patient.

Gastric Bypass with Roux-en-Y, the gold standard of bariatric surgery is done by Dr Maran, a bariatric surgeon in Chennai.

Gastric Bypass with Roux-en-Y

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Metabolic Surgery is undertaken by Dr Maran in Springfield Wellness Centre

Metabolic Surgery

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Dr Maran under his skillfull hands undertakes Laparoscopy in Chennai and offers the best care.

Gastric Banding

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Springfield Wellness Centre is a place for treating your Gastric Ailments at affordable prices.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Dr. M Maran

Dr. Maran’s motto is to provide the patients with contentment over and above a mere cure. Get a summary of his skill and prowess by clicking the below link.

At Springfield Wellness Centre, we diligently recognize the value of every individual. We are constantly guided by our qualified criterion of providing an overall wellness to the patients and peace of mind to the next of kin over and above the traditional cure – Our Mission Statement